About Us

SCRO is a dynamic student-based research team under the aegis of SRM Institute of Science & Technology that develops various aviation technologies. Students from various backgrounds, branches, skillsets and expertise levels come together to inspire innovation and tackle real-world problems scientifically. SCRO continues to generate substantive output in the field of aviation technology and has won and participated in elite and prestigious competitions and conferences at an international scale. SCRO has a flexible work culture and a team structure that fosters innovation, dynamic freedom and promotes experiment and ideation.

Our Mission

The best possible use of sustainable & futuristic technology & magnify state-of-the-art innovative scientific approaches: our technological footprint is the true testament of our commitment to research.

Our Vision

Evolve, expand and establish copter technologies, participate and engage with the wider community, transform copter research with robust qualitative output, and promote the spirit of innovation.


Design and Fabrication


Design, Structure and Propulsion aspects of the UAV: materials, fabrication and payload.



Actionable strategies to increase team engagement, propel performance and drive results.

Web Development


Web design, building web applications, database management & SEO.

Computer Vision


Directly works with complex algorithms and machine learning systems: the drone’s eyes.

Flight Systems


The drone’s power management and maneuverability: electrical, software and electronics.